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Lee Tracy Limited Edition Prints, Drawings and Paintings

Lee Tracy's talents cover a plethora of mediums; painting, public art, installations, projects, books and writing, among other explorations. Her art is as much about her life as it is about the time in which we live.

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Matt Woodward Limited Edition Fine Art Print

Matt Woodward’s work consists of monumental graphite drawings dealing with the cycle of loss and revival, the American city, and its obsessive attempts to rebuke and abandon its history.


Through the use of a reductive drawing technique, Woodward consciously mirrors the push and pull of deconstructing and reconstructing the experience of space as we come to remember and forget.

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Megan Williamson Drawings and Paintings

Megan Williamson's art practice has been one of careful choices. Her paintings and drawings belong to an enduring tradition of painterly inquiry. Limning the terrain between abstraction and observation, she works from the landscape or parts of extensive still lifes, choosing emergent forms for their dynamic connection to the flat space of the canvas. Many of her complex paintings resemble the interconnected and loaded surfaces of de Kooning's Excavation and Attic. Paced with unfamiliar amalgams of language, they can be seen as the equivalent of free association. Through rigor of drawing and clarity of color, Williamson creates a precise depth of field.

- Cathy Lebowitz, Art in America

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Marvin Tate Assemblages

Marvin Tate is not only a published Chicago poet, and legendary singer songwriter, he is a collected outsider artist, whose work centers on raw and elaborate assemblages. By juxtaposing found and precious objects in boxes, wooden drawers and crates, Tate carefully sets a stage for his poems, where desolate landscapes and empty rooms are charged with memories and unspoken truths about life and the passage of time. His boxed assemblages and dioramas capture the beauty of obscure settings while creating a sense of attraction to the unknown.


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Limited Edition Vinyl

Tim Kinsella sings the Songs of Marvin Tate

"(...) Tim Kinsella Sings the Songs of Marvin Tate, a joint album with LeRoy Bach (ex-Wilco) and dark folkie Angel Olsen (...) stands as one of the strangest and most enchanting additions to his sprawling discography. Tate, a Chicago poet and frontman, is a perennial favorite of other local musicians; his lyrics are confrontational, literary, and even sweet — territory Kinsella has long worked himself, but here he's otherwise stripped of his habits, backed by rudimentary piano arrangements and harmonizing with Olsen on odd lullabies, evidencing a previously unheard-of vocal dexterity." - SPIN Magazine





Susan Giles Sculptures

Susan Giles is a contemporary sculptor and video artist who alters our perception of some of the tallest skyscrapers and significant monuments in the world as a way of understanding buildings as key signifiers of place and identity. 


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