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Lee Tracy, The Studio Visit I


Video Credit: Gunnar Curry

Bold and emotionally charged, The Studio Visit I takes you into the mind of artist Lee Tracy, whose mediums include painting, public art, installations, writing and bookmaking. Tracy's long term projects are explorations in performative, collaborative, and participatory work.  


The Studio Visit I captures a moment in the life of a very brilliant woman whose story is one of family history, tragic events, reflections, memory, revelations and epiphanies. Tracy's vision of our connection to nature coupled with her use of trees, rivers, tears, and teacups expand upon delicate metaphors, and her exploration of human nature reveals profound themes of love and pain, spirituality and hope.


Presented at Big Deahl Productions.

Includes works in progress since 2000 and pieces exceptionally unpacked from custom crates for this historical production.


“It occurred to me, while resting on the sofa with the flu and plenty of time to think, that it seemed it may be years before I actually finish my projects. I realized that studio visits were something I have done for decades and enjoy. It dawned on me that “the studio visit” could actually be my art medium! What transpired was a great idea that works with all that I am doing. I realized that I didn't need a show, I need a “Show n’ Tell“! It feels natural, like I am stepping into my real shoes for the first time.” - Lee Tracy

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