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(1910 - 1995)

Sullins was “an artistic genius” and “one of the most important outsider artists of the 20th century,” wrote Steve Johnson in the Chicago Tribune in 1988. An airplane waxer in Joliet, Illinois, Maurice Sullins discovered painting at 60. Over the course of his short career spanning fifteen years (1970-1985), he worked in near isolation, creating paintings set in brilliantly imagined scenes in Tahiti, France, Spain or Chicago. Frequently drawing inspiration from European or American masters, he transformed and construed famous recognizable motifs into his own distinctive painterly language and developed a total command of color, composition, and technique. When Sullins died in 1995, he left behind an exceptional body of work which remained away from the public eye for over 22 years.

Hana Pietri Gallery, in association with the Sullins family, is proud to release a selection of 9 paintings at OAF New York, representing the extent of his strikingly original talent.

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