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Lee Tracy Oil Paintings

Lee Tracy has an affinity with landscape. One recognizes such motifs as trees and crags in her gestural oil paintings, though their titles make no reference to actual sights or places, instead underlining formal relationships, such as "The way things connect." The impact of the pieces comes as much from the large scale of often emblematic forms as from vigorous paint handling that recalls some of the storm and stress of Neo-Expressionist painting in the 1980s.


- Alan G. Artner, Tribune art critic


Tracy's talents cover a plethora of mediums; painting, public art, installations, projects, books and writing, including explorations in performative, collaborative, and participatory work. The energy level is immense, prolific, as Tracy experiments, invents and reinvents works that react and interact. The connections within the bodies of work are not readily apparent, yet, the common thread can be found. The element of time winds through the palimpsest of memory found in her writing, the suggested quests in her paintings, or the worn materials altered by nature in her projects. Tracy's art is as much about her life as it is about the time in which we live.




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