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Cream Wine Company is a small local independent distributor representing a dynamic group of artisan growers and producers.

Its portfolio contains comprehensive, regional selections of some of the finest estates on the planet.

Many practice biodynamic and organic farming and make wine in a minimalist, non-intervening approach. 

Included in the portfolio is wine, sake, spirits and cider.


Cream's selection of wines and spirits is exquisite and unique.

We are proud to share the following libations with you, including where they can be found:




Le Fraghe 2012 Bardolino DOC 

Paonnerie 2011 Gamay, Coteaux d'Ancenis AOVDQS 

Philippe Tessier 2009 Cour-Cheverny AOC 

Pierpaolo Pecorari 2012 Refosco, Venezia Giulia IGT 


Davis Family 2012 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley 

Can be found at:

- select Whole Foods

- Galleria Liqueurs on Wells

- Village Cellar

- Nirvana Wine & Grillerie

- Taste on Chestnut


La Posta 2010 Malbec, Fazzio Vineyard, Tupungato (Mendoza)

The 2012 vintage can be found at:

- Sushi Dokku

- Nobel House

- Bedford

- Preservation Bread & Wine

- Green Grocer Chicago

- Galleria Southport


Raventos 2013 'Silencis' Xarel-lo, Penedes DO 

New vintage to hit Chicago. Currently only found at:

- The Bottle Shop in Wilmette

- Cab & Company in Glen Ellyn


Brooks 2013 'Runaway Red' Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley 

Found at:

- Pastoral on Lake Street

- Paired on Halsted

- Liquor Park on North Ave


Luminis 2010 'Allamand H' (Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec), Mendoza 

Found at:

- North Buena Market on Broadway





i Cacciagalli 2011 'Aorivola' Falanghina, Roccamofina IGT 

Fruitiere 2013 'Les Vignes Blanches' Vin de Pay du Val de Loire 

Louis de Grenelle NV 'Corail' Sparkling Rosé, Saumur AOC


L'Ecole 2012 'Luminesce' (Estate Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc), Walla Walla Valley 

Found at:

- Andersonville Wine & Spirits

- Select Binny's

- Mrs. Green's Natural Market

- Foremost Vas Liquors


Terre Gaie 2013 'Claris' Pinot Grigio, Veneto IGT

Found at:

- Sandburg Super Mart on Clark St

- Di Carlo's Armanetti on Western

- Mrs. Green's on Webster Ave

- Artisanal in Wilmette


Julien Labet 2010 'Le Reine' Chardonnay, Cotes du Jura AOC 

Found at:

- Michael Jordan's Steakhouse





Fox River Distilling Herrington Premium Vodka (80 proof) 

Found at:

- Select Binny's

- Juno

- Sushi Dokku

- Blue Goose Market in Saint Charles

- Found

- Naha

- Vincent

- Brindille


Medoyeff Vodka (80 proof) 

Found at:

- Edwardo's Pizza on Dearborn

- Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park

- Vera on Lake Street- Antico on Leavitt Street


Gin 111 (111 proof) 


Ransom Whipper Snapper Whiskey (84 proof) 

Found at:

- Gilt Bar

- Au Cheval

- Mana Food Bar

- In Fine Spirits

- Chicago Q

- Olivia's

- Maude's


Temperance Trader Straight Bourbon Whiskey (84 proof) 

Found at:

- Binnys

- Vin Chicago

- Vera on Lake Street

- White Oak Tavern on Western Ave

- Nirvana Wine & Grillerie in Vernon Hills


Both the Vodka and Temperance Trader are made by Bull Run Distilling Company




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