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December 1, 2012 - An evening with Doug Fogelson and Cooper Technica

I remember the day my mother gave me her old Minolta as a gift when I went off to College. It was the summer of 1992, and that's when my love story with photography began. It's also the time I started capturing images, pushing my film and creating visuals that would become part of my 'photographic library of unusual images'. 

With this in mind, you will understand why I want you to see what Doug Fogelson is up to. This man is so creative in his approach to photography that at times I'm not sure whether I'm looking at an abstract painting or a photographic print. His explosive sense of color and exploration of the film itself is different and exciting. His references to art history and culture, his concepts regarding time and human survival, his ability to express concern for our environment while bringing to light the very fragility of our existence, make for poignant and remarkable prints and photograms. 

Unlike the other artists we have spent time with this year, Doug's studio is not in his home but in a building with other artists. His atelier is in a part of town where many creative people are working on exciting endeavors, and where a very talented and passionate man pursues a unique art form in itself... 

Now, as most of you know, I'm not a material girl, but I do love vintage, fast automobiles. I've always believed that one day, I would be driving one of my own, preferably a convertible, down a lonely French country road with a sheep dog in the back seat, my hair blowing in the wind. 

When I walked into David Cooper's warehouse and discovered what was going on there, I felt like I was one step closer to my dream. David specializes in complete restorations of very rare and valuable vintage automobiles, especially pre-war and early-war European sports and touring cars. His passion is contagious, his approach is meticulous and authentic, and every single car he works on has a fascinating story behind it. 

David has agreed to welcome us in his warehouse and to show us around. We'll have the privilege to spend time with him and his team at Cooper Technica, inc., and have dinner and drinks amidst these extraordinary pieces of history. 

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