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October 6, 2012 - An evening with Susan Giles, Jeff Carter, Ryan Keesling and Dominic Johnson

What is the 'heart and soul' of Chicago? 

For a Parisian like me, it means finding the roots and stories behind the people and places that make Chicago what it is. Their stories allow me to truly appreciate what I see, where I am, whom I'm talking to and why it's relevant. 
Let's take two people for example. Susan Giles and Jeff Carter. What a delight, and what an incredibly talented yet humble couple, considering how they visually express themselves. Both are sculptors with a very informed yet unconventional approach to conveying their perspectives. Their skill, attention to detail, references and witty observations are super fresh and surprising. I can't wait for you to see it. 


And what about the places? There are so many I don't even know where to start, so I asked myself, which spaces in Chicago relate to Susan and Jeff's architectural influences? Bertrand Goldberg's (now vacant) Prentice Women's Hospital? The Inland Steel Building, where Susan's 'Crumpled Spire' is installed? Or what about the roof top at Hotel Lincoln where the views of Chicago's skyline are breathtaking? I looked into all these possibilities. They're not quite ready yet for The White Palette. 


Let's then take it to another level by simply crossing the street after the studio visit. Let's spend the evening in what Jeremie and I now call home, a house designed by John H. Alschuler, one of Chicago's noted architects, who measured his success by his ability to contribute to the character and quality of urban life. 

We'll have dinner and drinks, then get up close and personal with two brilliant artists, Ryan Keesling, aka SearchLite and Dominic Johnson. Both explore distinct genres, and together will comprise an unparalleled musical palette; one that will have us traveling not only through time but also through deeply emotional levels.


photo credit: JJ Jetel

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