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Lee Tracy

11 May - 31 August, 2023

Built Up 72x120 copy.jpg

Lee Tracy

Built Up

Oil on Canvas

71 x 120 in.



Join us for the premiere of ENERGY, a one night only sensorial journey through a world of wonder, art, beauty, joy, kindness and miraculous thinking.

Portraits and words, sounds and scenes, performers and storytellers will transport you to another frequency, awaken your senses and open your minds.

ENERGY is a multi-media exhibition exploring living in balance, harmony, happiness and good health - on the Earth and within ourselves. Our show will incorporate portraits, art, science, words and audio.

Photographer Abigail Zoe Martin has photographed and interviewed people from all walks of life - from authors, integrative doctors, and marine biologists to healers, organic farmers and everyone in between. The stories intertwine to create a new world, one where our potential is unlimited and miracles really do exist.

Click on the image to see where the night will take you ... 


Maurice Sullins

OAF New York 
February 23 - March 31, 2003

330_Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte Island by Maurice Le Grand Sullins (Sullins)_30x40

Maurice Le Grand Sullins

Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte Island

Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 40 in.

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