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​All artworks on the website are for sale or available to lease.

White Color's Leasing Program offers the opportunity for collectors to test the works at home before buying.



$50 a month for artwork listed below $1,500 

$80 a month for artwork listed above $1,500 




I.    One (1) month lease;


II.   At the end of the lease period, you have

the option to return the artwork or purchase it.


III.  100% of your lease payment becomes credit towards buying art. Credits are universal and can be applied towards the art you are leasing or all other available works.



I.    Payment up front;


II.   Proof of insurance for the installation site, covering the value of the artwork(s) installed.


III.  If you wish to return the art, a thirty (30) days advance notice by email is required.


IV.  Costs associated with the return of the artwork are the responsibility of the lessee;


V.  10.25% sales tax must be added to each order.​  

​Delivery & Payment


I.    Artwork delivered within the Chicago area is handled by WCP directly. For deliveries beyond Chicago, shipping is through UPS or FedEx. 


II.  An email with the adjusted total order reflecting shipping and handling charges will be sent to you for approval, and will include a payment link.


III.  Secure online payments are made with PayPal or by credit card.

Please email the name of the artwork you wish to lease and/or to see the work.

Megan Williamson Conte Crayon Drawings

Lee Tracy Paintings

Maurice Sullins Paintings

Megan Williamson Paintings

Lee Tracy Works on Paper

Megan Williamson Italy Paintings & Drawings

Matt Woodward Limited Edition Print

Marvin Tate Assemblages

Lee Tracy The Demandments

Almigdad Aldikhaiiry Paintings

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